Drug Free Communities

Reduce Youth Substance Abuse


The mission is to develop an innovative & comprehensive multi-organizational approach to preventing substance abuse among youth in the city of Chester.


We are committed to  all chester youth  reaching their full potential and making a successful transition to adulthood, while giving back to their community now & in the future.


1. Increase Community Conversation & Collaboration
2. Reduce Youth Substance Abuse

Drug-Free Communities (DFC) is a federally funded program sponsored by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. This program partners with organizations in various areas including businesses, youth-serving organizations, government agencies, and the community. All involved are working on substance abuse issues to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth and among adults in our community.

This is important to us as a club because we want to educate and inspire our members to be aware of this issue and to become active and passionate advocates of substance abuse prevention. Increasing community conversation and collaboration is a significant way to do this.


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